Hit The Slopes With Confidence This Ski Season & Avoid Getting Injured

Oct 11th - Dec 3rd

This program is designed for current middle & high school athletes (12-16 yrs old) looking to enhance strength, speed, agility, mobility, and recovery for the upcoming sports season.   

Sessions Are Available Mon-Fri 3,4 5pm & Sat 11am

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Only 8 Spots Available!


Most people do not realize that running, stopping, and changing directions are all skills that can be taught. Also, there is a requisit range of motion needed at the ankle, knee, hip, and shoulders to perform many athletic skills. There are a lot of athletes that are not able to get into the positions sports coaches are asking them to get in to perform skills training. Over 8 weeks we will be teaching you the movement skills for running, stopping, changing direction.  You will learn the foundational core exercise needed to gain the stability for athletics.  After going through our program you will be a much more confident, stronger, mobile and explosive athlete ready to take on the season! 

Whats Included:

Access to EBSC's members only Facebook group

Nutritional guidelines and coaching

Pre and post assessments

       Movement analysis

       Performance evaluation (strength, power, endurance, flexibility)

Conditioning program to do at home

Core training program to do at home

Semi-private training sessions with a certified coach (1 coach to 4 athletes)

Coaching videos sent right your mobile phone

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