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“Swinging For Singles Wins The Game”

by Andrew DiOrio 

 I was sent a link to the program "Wake Up Warrior" by Garrett White. Upon signing up for his program I was able to watch some of his videos on personal development. An idea I pulled from one of his videos that was identical to what I teach clients here at EBSC through our training program and our habits-based nutrition coaching program is: 

"Simple Success = Swinging Singles" 

Many of us are trying to hit home runs instead of consistently swinging for singles. We procrastinate, then try to hit home runs to make up for the lack of consistent effort. Trying to take on so much all at once is overwhelming and hard to stay on top of. In our mind we come up with something like, "I am going to start eating right, working out everyday and giving up alcohol, etc". We need to hit a home run every day/week to make that happen. When you begin to miss workouts or eat poorly you might start to double up on workouts, massively restrict calories, avoid going out with friends, etc, which is another home run. The infrequency in which you took action leads to desperation, you start swinging for the fences with hopes to make up for the lack of consistency with day to day singles. You will get tired of trying to hit home runs every day, tired of the pressure that brings, and tired of failing to meet unrealistic expectations, eventually leading to you giving up.    

Start small, identify what small actions you can take to daily, swinging singles, that will lead to simple success. This takes the pressure off, gets you the quick win building confidence 1 base at a time. Keep hitting singles, occasionally swing for the fences, run up the score until you accomplish your goals!  

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