When I first came to EBSC I knew I was out of shape but did not realize to what extent since weight was not an issue and I was a fairly regular walker. I was very surprised to learn that my body fat percentage was above the normal range for my age! I also could not perform a basic push-up (among other basic exercises). That was seven months ago and I am happy to say that my body fat% is now on the cusp of the excellent range for me age. Prior to coming to ESBC I would regularly experience back and/or knee pain every time I would attempt to work out beyond fast walking. Now, this is no longer an issue. I have created the habit of vigorous exercise without pain (or worry of creating pain). I have also learned about the importance of increasing protein in your diet. This simple change has resulted in decreased hunger throughout the day and the consistent loss of about 3-4 pounds. As a result of all this good news, I can move on to more targeted goals. Thank you, Andrew and Nick, for your expertise and encouragement!

Jennifer Sapolski

Andrew and EBSC were recommended to me by both a friend and my physical therapist while I was battling small bouts of sciatica and intensified lower-back pain for many months. Andrew was careful to review all of my goals on my first visit, and little did I know then that we’d embark on a long, disciplined journey toward overall improved health – one emphasizing mixed-movement workouts combined with healthier eating. Andrew is professionally versed in cross-functional training with literally hundreds of weight, cardio, rolling, core and total-body routines. He designs a program to an individual’s specific needs, and then after 6 weeks he introduces a new phase for balance. The EBSC environment is friendly, and with semi-private workouts usually capped at 3 people, it always seems to be the right mix for finding motivation to push my given program to new levels.


Chris Patton

After being plagued for years by a lower back injury, I contacted EBSC in hopes of being able to regain the strength to resume an active life.  It was immediately apparent that Andrew understood my injury and limitations.  He was able to create exercise programs that challenged me and strengthened my body without adding unnecessary stress on my lower back.  Not only is my back stronger, my entire body is stronger.  My pain has disappeared, and I am able to play tennis again!

Nancy Burlingame


I can highly recommend EBSC who has helped me to get back on the tennis court again after a struggle with lower back pain over an 18 month period. I was suffering from sacroiliac dysfunction and after undergoing Physical Therapy for 9 months, I needed someone who could take me to the next level and back on the tennis court. I found the ideal trainer who was able to transition me from PT to a continued and then accelerated strengthening and conditioning program. EBSC has a very perceptive eye for identifying and then correcting poor biomechanics. They customized the workout for me and worked at a pace that I was comfortable with, gradually stepping up the intensity of the workout. After just 4 months I was able to play tennis again, a goal I thought was much further from my reach, so I was thrilled. They have helped educate me on diet and muscle recovery after work outs. I lost the extra weight that I was carrying in my abdominal area and feel so much healthier and stronger in my core after a very short period of time. I am looking forward to a long term commitment to getting stronger working with EBSC. They have a caring, sensitive way about them and one truly feels nurtured. They have a gift for helping people achieve their goals.  

Allison Mercer

As a firefighter, my job is physically demanding. Many of the physical tasks we perform cause us to move in unconventional ways which make us more prone to injury. Prior to training with Andrew, my workout routine gave me the strength I needed to perform these tasks with more ease, but never any efficiency or mobility. Since I began training at EBSC, I have made gains in strength, but more importantly, in my mobility and functionality. I am able to perform the physically demanding tasks of my job with far more ease, efficiency, functionality, and intelligence than ever before in my eight years on the job. The strains, soreness, and injuries I was prone to on occasion no longer occur since beginning my training, and the chronic lower backpain I suffered for years prior is now non-existent. A training regiment from EBSC is a vital component to any firefighters health and well being, both on and off the job.

Ted Paul

EBSC  has become an important part of my routine. When I arrived, I was in particularly bad shape.  I had suffered from upper back pain and weakness for about 5 years.  Despite making a good effort at consistently exercising, my symptoms only improved modestly.   Last summer, I found out that I had osteoporosis in my spine.  A trial of medication triggered severe muscle cramps and weakness.  In the aftermath of this, I arrived at ESBC at the urging of a friend.  Andrew used his considerable powers of analysis to figure out an individualized plan for me.  The approach has always been gentle.  I've had the normal aches from exercising but have never injured myself.    My strength and balance have improved tremendously.  For the first time in five years, I can do housework, yard work, or take a long walk without the feeling that my back is ready to collapse.  The atmosphere at the gym is always friendly, and laugher is interspersed with the hard work!   I can highly recommend the program for any middle-aged person who feels they aren't thriving the way they should.  

Laura Ward


It was Christmas when I decided I had to make some changes in my lifestyle. I realized this when playing with my grandson on the floor. I was unable to get up off the floor fast enough to keep up with him. I contacted Andrew at East Bay Strength & Conditioning who was highly recommended by others. At my first meeting at EBSC we set up a schedule that worked for me along with a routine for me to follow. I expressed I wanted to be able to improve my function for daily activity and also when playing golf. My flexibility has improved, I can finally touch my toes, and so has my golf game, I am hitting the ball almost 25 yards further than before my training. My peers have noticed that my game has improved and are asking what I am doing. I tell them it’s all because of the training that I have done. I now plan to continue with EBSC on a maintenance program. EBSC has changed my outlook; I’m off the couch and enjoying life with my grandson, family and peers! 

Lou Coppolino

I came to EBSC over a year ago at the recommendation of my physical therapist.  Although I had been active in USTA tennis for over 20 years and exercised regularly, I was not feeling fit and felt I needed to work on my balance.  

I saw improvement in balance, agility, and endurance almost immediately.  With EBSC's guidance, I also made changes in my diet. Within months my body fat had dropped several percent.  In my last assessment I had lost nearly 5% body fat.  At 63 years of age, my experience at EBSC is proof that fitness can be improved and achieved at any age.  

Kerry Chaffer

When I started training at EBSC almost 4 years ago, my goal was to reduce my weight and body fat and achieve overall better fitness. My primary motivation was to improve my tennis game. At the time, I never would have predicted how my soon-to-be elevated strength, agility, and conditioning would also give me the confidence to attempt and power to complete tasks that I formerly would have deferred to my husband or a hired handyman. I am healthier. I play better tennis. I am more helpful. 
It makes me happy to say that over the last few weeks, I have wielded a sledge hammer to demolish 40 feet of substantial fencing, used a shovel to dig out eight fence posts - each buried 24" underground, used a hammer to remove over 200 nails, combined all the fence materials into "trash acceptable" size and carried all 12 bundles to the curb. It was empowering and fun. My husband was astonished at what I had achieved all by myself. And so was I.  
Just for fun on a recent rainy day, I decided to patch and paint a section of our living room wall that was damaged several years ago. I just had to move a 200 pound cast iron radiator out of the way. No problem!  

Gay Egan


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