Working with Andrew at EBSC has been a great experience. Through the past few years I have not only improved in physical fitness in strength but also have learned a great deal about personal nutrition, self-motivation, and injury prevention. During my time at EBSC I have not once sustained a major injury, where I see many fellow throwers battling knee and back pain on a regular basis. I have made several dietary changes at his recommendation and have gained a large amount of weight in muscle and have seen a drastic decrease in body fat. As a whole I have become a more complete athlete, and a much stronger one.



Posted By: Adam K.

(Senior All-American)

Date of Posting: December 2014

After being plagued for years by a lower back injury, I contacted East Bay Strength and Conditioning in hopes of being able to regain the strength to resume an active life. It was immediately apparent that Andrew understood my injury and limitations.  He was able to create exercise programs that challenged me and strengthened my body without adding unnecessary stress on my lower back.  Not only is my back stronger, my entire body is stronger.  My pain has disappeared, and I am able to play tennis again.


Posted By: Nancy

(56 , Fitness Client)

Date of Posting: November 2014

Life changing results!

Walking into the East Bay Strength and Conditioning center weighing in at 208lbs with a body fat percentage of 28% was the first challenging hurdle to overcome. Tired of not being able to keep up with my children, tired of not being able to tie my shoes without being out of breath, and tired of being out of shape.

Andrew and the men’s group were more than accommodating to my lack of athletic ability and the fact that I was very much out of shape. Andrew tailored exercises to my ability and also provided a strong nutritional program for me to follow. To say that the support from Andrew was exceptional, as well as the power of the groups support is an understatement. They were all there to push me through every exercise and every rep!

Through Andrews professional guidance, through proper nutrition and exercise, I have gone from being out of breath walking up a flight of stairs to have completed two half marathons, and I have lost 66lbs; I now weigh 142 lbs at 9% body fat and owe it all to Andrew!

If you’re ready for Life Changing Results, stop into East Bay Strength and Conditioning and let Andrew know what your weight loss and fitness goals are and he can make them happen together with you.


Posted By: Eli D.

(46, Fitness client)

Date of Posting: August 2014

After an eight week program my daughter Tori found herself to be much stronger and faster. She was never a player that people would comment about her speed, but after training it came up often. Tori said she feels like she has much better stamina as well as the strength and explosiveness that really gives her an edge.  Having watched her play many soccer games at the midfield position, she never could make the whole game without running out of steam. Now I see a midfielder that plays a hard ninety minute soccer game without stopping.  You really care about the training and took the time to make sure she was getting it.  East Bay Strength & Conditioning will always come highly recommended from myself and my daughter.


Posted By: Matt M.

(father of 14 yr old HS soccer player)

Date of Posting: August 2014

I made the decision to work with Andrew because I had some extra baby weight to lose following the birth of my second child and a wedding to prepare for. I knew it would be a challenge to reach my goals alone and thought it would be appropriate to seek a personal trainer.

      I’ve always been athletic and was familiar with strength conditioning and training but never to the level had that Andrew set forth. Based on the results of the Functional Movement Screen, Andrew was able to pinpoint my strengths as well as my weaknesses. Andrew specifically designed a program for me that would enhance my strength, my flexibility and ultimately help me to obtain my goal of losing weight.  I lost 20 lbs in just 3 1/2 months.

      If you follow his knowledgeable advice, you will see incredible changes on your body and mental well-being!

Highly recommended!


Posted By: Brandi B.

(31, Recreational Athlete)

Date of Posting: September 2012

I've played recreational tennis for over 40 years and had recently become frustrated with my declining agility, speed, and general athleticism on the court. My 18 year old son, who has experienced tremendous results working with Andrew at East Bay Strength and Conditioning, recommended I try a few sessions myself. I did so reluctantly, but quickly became hooked.

      Andrew's approach is like no other trainer I have worked with over the years. His methods of functional movement make sense and get results fast. Andrew took the time to conduct a functional assessment, to really understand my range of motion, strength and help me establish realistic goals. He tailored a training program to address my specific needs and desires and assisted me with modifying my diet to support my training regimen.

      Within just a few training sessions, which are never boring or repetitive, I was seeing vast improvement on the court. My tennis partners noticed immediately! I also gained muscle, lost fat, and feel great.

       Andrew is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and motivating. He is also a real pro who works hard to keep current and make sense of the ever growing and often contradictory world of fitness and nutrition industries. I feel confident that Andrew will challenge me just hard enough and that I won't get hurt.

      I encourage anyone of any age to consult with Andrew. I am convinced he can help people of all ages improve their physical being.


Posted By: Gay E.

(56, Tennis Player)

Date of Posting: April 2013


As a competitive hammer thrower I needed a program that combined developing explosive strength and agility. A fellow hammer thrower and NCAA athlete brought my attention to East Bay Strength & Conditioning and I liked that the program was focused on competitive athletes. Andrew created a program that was tailored to my specific needs. The program focused on developing my explosive strength, agility, stability, and flexibility, as well as my overall athletic capabilities. This enabled me to become a much more competitive hammer thrower. In my first meet after training for around three months I broke the school record in the 25lb weight throw, the indoor version of the hammer. I plan to continue training with Andrew both during the competition season and off season. Not only did Andrew make me a stronger and quicker, he made me a better athlete.


Posted By: Charlie I.

(17, HS, All-American Track and Field, Hammer Throw)

Date of Posting: January 2013


As a parent with a child involved in hockey, I had provided my son with additional summer skills training, but I felt that Kyle was still missing a key element in order to succeed for the upcoming hockey season. That is when I called and coordinated with Andrew to put together a summer program for Kyle. The attention to detail that Andrew placed into Kyle's training and dieting program was incredible! The difference on ice this season is extremely noticeable! His physical core strength and balance is noticeable in comparison to prior years, especially noticeable in comparison to other players on the ice. His balance, core, strength and increased speed can be directly attributed to Andrew and Kyle's hard work and due diligence this summer.



Posted By: Eli D.

(Parent of 12 yr old hockey player)


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