Many of us made resolutions that we didn't stick to. It happens, but that doesn't mean wait until next year to try again. If you want to lose weight, get moving and eliminate pain, increase energy and vitality, build strength and confidence, and get back to doing what you love without the fear of getting injured then check out this FREE Guide we put together with some tips to get back on track.    

  • You’re never too old to start something new. You can build muscle and strength regardless of your age!  

  • Gain control of eating habits that have been sabotaging your success and adding pounds to the scale! 

  • Reinforce a positive mindset that keeps you motivated, focused on your goals, and digs deeper into the emotion that will compel you to take action! 

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I can highly recommend EBSC who has helped me to get back on the tennis court again after a struggle with lower back pain over an 18 month period. After undergoing Physical Therapy for 9 months, I needed someone who could take me to the next level and back on the tennis court. EBSC customized workouts for me and worked at a pace that I was comfortable with, gradually stepping up the intensity of the workout. After just 4 months I was able to play tennis again, a goal I thought was much further from my reach, so I was thrilled. EBSC has helped educate me on diet and muscle recovery after work outs. I lost the extra weight that I was carrying in my abdominal area and feel so much healthier and stronger in my core after a very short period of time. 

Allison M. 

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