Midday Personal Training 

The clock is ticking, don't want to wait until you're feeling completely defeated or until the aches and pains are interfering with your daily routine.  Be proactive, take control of your life now, so you can enjoy being physically active again. Age truely is just a number, we prove that all the time with our client results.

After just 4 weeks of training clients typically report: 

- A New Found Energy & Motiviation to take on the day

- Greater Flexibility & Ease of Movement

- Increased Strength, Balance, & Coordination

- Decreased Joint Pain and Muscular Aches

- A Drop in Weight & Bodyfat

- More Control Over Eating Habits

Available until June 15th:  


So What is Midday Personal Training and Why Train at That Time? 

Midday personal training sessions runs between 10am to 3pm Monday - Friday at EBSC. If you've struggled to train in the early morning or evening hours it may be for good reason. There are problems with both of these times.  

Morning Exercise Problems: Your core body temperature is lowest right before you wake up, making morning a time of naturally lower energy.  On top of that, cold stiff muscles are more prone to injury. (Does your back sometimes feel tight in the morning?)

But the biggest problem with morning workouts may be a psychological one - getting motivated.  Lots of folks, maybe including you, are just not "morning people."

Evening exercise problems: you've just put in a full day of work or activity, your energy is depleted, you're probably hungry and ready for dinner.... all of these things sabotage even the best exercise intentions because you just don't feel like working out. 

My recommendation: The optimum time for you, particularly if you're just starting out and want to give yourself the greatest chance for success, is to schedule workouts between the hours of 10am and 3pm Mon / Wed / Fri or Tues / Thurs / Sat.  Your body is warm and loose, your energy is high and your physiology is primed to give your optimum performance and optimum results...at midday.


Included With Your Training Program:

Goal Setting Session 

Uncover what motivates you, what's sabotaging success, & build out action steps to get started immediately!

Functional Movement Screening 

We assess flexibility/mobility, core stability, balance, & your ability to perform functional patterns. We develop a corrective exercise program based on your results to get you moving optimally, improving performance output, & decreasing your risk of injury! 

Nutrition Coaching Session 

We cover everything you need to take immediate action in the kitchen and in your daily nutritional intake.  (includes grocery list, portion control worksheet, meal planning worksheets, and more)

Online Nutrition Coaching 

It's like having a coach at your finger tips.  Daily lessons and habit tracker can be accessed from your mobile phone. We keep you focused on being healthy and changing behaviors.  We provide accountability, educating you along the way, & simplifying the actions you have to take to get results.  (includes daily habit check in, weekly articles, educational videos)  

Bi-Weekly Weight & Bodyfat Readings  

We like to know whether we are getting results or not, we don't waste your time. When we know whats working we stick to it, when we know whats not working we make the necessary adjustments to get you back on track.

Flexibility Program / Foam Roller and video Instruction 

Imagine having your own massage therapist at home.  At EBSC we have the next best thing, we teach you how to address your muscles using various tools at home to recover faster, decrease pain and to free up movement.

Access to our Private Facebook Community Page

 We regularly post motivational tips, recipes, nutrition advice, articles, fitness videos for at home workouts, and more.  You can ask questions and communicate with other EBSC members here as well. 

Only 4 available , RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! 

EBSC has become an important part of my routine. When I arrived, I was in particularly bad shape. I had suffered from upper back pain and weakness for about 5 years. Despite making a good effort at consistently exercising, my symptoms only improved modestly. Last summer, I found out that I had osteoporosis in my spine. A trial of medication triggered severe muscle cramps and weakness. In the aftermath of this, I arrived at ESBC at the urging of a friend. EBSC used their considerable powers of analysis to figure out an individualized plan for me. The approach has always been gentle. I've had the normal aches from exercising but have never injured myself. My strength and balance have improved tremendously. For the first time in five years, I can do housework, yard work, or take a long walk without the feeling that my back is ready to collapse. The atmosphere at the gym is always friendly, and laugher is interspersed with the hard work! I can highly recommend the program for any middle-aged person who feels they aren't thriving the way they should.


Laura W. 

I can highly recommend EBSC who has helped me to get back on the tennis court again after a struggle with lower back pain over an 18 month period. After undergoing Physical Therapy for 9 months, I needed someone who could take me to the next level and back on the tennis court. EBSC customized workouts for me and worked at a pace that I was comfortable with, gradually stepping up the intensity of the workout. After just 4 months I was able to play tennis again, a goal I thought was much further from my reach, so I was thrilled. EBSC has helped educate me on diet and muscle recovery after work outs. I lost the extra weight that I was carrying in my abdominal area and feel so much healthier and stronger in my core after a very short period of time. 

Allison M.




EBSC's approach is like no other trainer I have worked with over the years. Their methods of functional movement make sense and get results fast. They took the time to conduct a functional assessment, to really understand my range of motion, strength and help me establish realistic goals. They tailored a training program to address my specific needs and desires and assisted me with modifying my diet to support my training regimen. Within just a few training sessions, which are never boring or repetitive, I was seeing vast improvement on the tennis court. My tennis partners noticed immediately! I gained muscle, lost fat, and feel great. I encourage anyone of any age to consult with EBSC. I am convinced they can help people of all ages improve their physical being.

Gay E. 

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