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“Are Your Daily Habits Keeping The Fat On”

by Andrew DiOrio 

Have you ever noticed how people are always going on a diet to lose weight? I frequently hear people saying, “It’s time to get back on my diet.” Most people don’t really lose any weight, yet they are always dieting. The ones that do end up losing weight put it back on plus several extra pounds. They’re always hungry and never satisfied with the meals and snacks they eat. Eventually this wears on them and they give up. Then it’s time to try some 21-day fix that promises they’ll get the body they want and have always desired. There are all kinds of these fad diets and programs out there claiming you can get results faster than the next. Some of these programs actually work, but rarely do they ever work long term. A long-term solution for looking and feeling better with improved health is one that addresses your daily nutritional and lifestyle habits. It’s not dieting, it’s being health conscious. You’re following sound nutritional habits, eating healthier foods, and living an active lifestyle. 

The problem with the quick fix and fad diets is that almost everyone goes back to doing what they’ve always done. Anyone can change their behavior for a couple of weeks, relying on pure will power to get through it. What happens when stress starts to pile up, your workdays become longer, you have a tragedy in the family, you get hurt and can’t exercise, you’re having relationship issues, etc.?  Forcing yourself to live a certain way will go right out the window because will power eventually wanes. Not only that, but you can only stay focused for so long before you get tired of it. This is why quick fixes and dieting don’t work long term. You have to build solid nutritional and lifestyle habits proven to lead to improved health and well-being. Results don’t come from spurts of healthy living, they come from healthy choices made daily that prioritize health and fitness.

Changing behavior can be a real challenge, requiring consistent awareness of what you’re thinking and doing. Many people can easily get frustrated thinking about what to eat and when. Following a strict meal plan gets old and counting calories or points is time consuming, inaccurate, and tough to keep up with. That is why most people fail and default to trying the quick fix.

At EBSC we provide a solution; it’s called ProCoach. This is an online habits-based nutritional program designed to teach you one habit at a time, how to transform your body and your life. Unlike other programs, we take the time to educate you, coach you, and have you practice implementing new lifestyle habits in your daily life. Coaching is provided online through videos, short articles, and workshops. Daily habit adherence is checked off regularly and monitored by your coach with frequent feedback. The program keeps you focused, is extremely educational, provides accountability, and plenty of support. You learn how to program health and fitness into your life in small actionable steps over time ensuring that you can stick to the program and the new habits stick with you.   

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