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Whether you want to be an elite athlete or just want to move like one, both require a foundation of functional movement. First you need optimal mobility in your joints and flexibility in your muscles to move freely. Once your moving freely you need to have the strength and stability to move through all varying degrees of motion. Then athletic components are then built upon one another to ensure that you are ready to perform at your best while decreasing your risk of injury. 


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Working with Andrew at EBSC has been a great experience. Through the past few years I have not only improved in physical fitness in strength but also have learned a great deal about personal nutrition, self-motivation, and injury prevention. During my time at EBSC I have not once sustained a major injury, where I see many fellow throwers battling knee and back pain on a regular basis. I have made several dietary changes at his recommendation and have gained a large amount of weight in muscle and have seen a drastic decrease in body fat. As a whole I have become a more complete athlete, and a much stronger one.


Posted By: Adam K.

(All-American Hammer Thrower)


After being plagued for years by a lower back injury, I contacted East Bay Strength and Conditioning in hopes of being able to regain the strength to resume an active life. It was immediately apparent that Andrew understood my injury and limitations.  He was able to create exercise programs that challenged me and strengthened my body without adding unnecessary stress on my lower back.  Not only is my back stronger, my entire body is stronger.  My pain has disappeared, and I am able to play tennis again.


Posted By: Nancy B.

(56 , Fitness Client)


After an eight week program my daughter Tori found herself to be much stronger and faster. She was never a player that people would comment about her speed, but after training it came up often. Tori said she feels like she has much better stamina as well as the strength and explosiveness that really gives her an edge.  Having watched her play many soccer games at the midfield position, she never could make the whole game without running out of steam. Now I see a midfielder that plays a hard ninety minute soccer game without stopping.  You really care about the training and took the time to make sure she was getting it.  East Bay Strength & Conditioning will always come highly recommended from myself and my daughter.

Posted By: Matt M.

(father of 14 yr old HS soccer player)



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